Our Impact

Our 2019 Annual Report


Babies Diapers Donated


Adult Diapers Donated


Tucson Residence Served

Who We Serve

We serve Tucson’s most impoverised communities.

Tucson Babies

Tucson Adults

Tucson Women

How We Serve

We make diapers, incontinence supplies, and period products available during times of need, primarily through collaborative community relationships that promote health, wellness, dignity, and independence

Diapers and Donations

Donors and community members donate their valuable time and effort to ensure diapers are being donated to service our Communities. There are many ways that our community helps serve and raise donations!

Stored at Diaper Bank

We store our Diapers at our warehouse which has the capacity to hold over 2,000,000 program products ready to distribute to the community.

Distributed To Those In Need

We then distribute the diapers and other products to Tucson’s most in need families through our Tucson partner agencies and our local events.

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