Who We Are

Our Mission

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Providing diapers to children and adults through a collaborative community partnership that increases the health, wellness, security and independence of the diverse populations served.

Our Vision

A community where every diaper need is met.

Our Values

  • Integrity – We operate with integrity and expect partners to share these core values of respect, transparency, accountability and commitment to the best interests of our community.
  • Collaboration – In order to be most effective and prevent duplication of services, we collaborate with our community: partners, donors, friends and stakeholders.
  • Empowerment – We work to improve the quality of life, health, wellness, independence and security of individuals and families.
  • Diversity – We honor all people at their time of need. We are committed to meeting the needs of our diverse community.
  • Leadership – As the nation’s first diaper bank, we continue to pioneer awareness of diaper need and innovative diaper distribution.

Annual Report


Diaper Bank Strategic Plan

diaper bank strategy

The Diaper Bank has seen an increase in need for our services as the economy has struggled. We are meeting this increased need with new strategic direction. Today we distribute nearly 1 million diapers and incontinence items annually. In the next 5-10 years we plan to increase our distribution to 1.5 million.  We know this will take an incredible amount of support from the Southern Arizona community, but in the end the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona will be distributing as many diapers as are currently being requested.  Together we can meet the new face of poverty with a package of diapers. Read our letter for more details about how we plan to meet the diaper need in our community.

We know that people and families who need diapers probably need other social services as well.  For these reasons, we provide diapers to existing agencies that work with people in need.  Our partners include:  crisis nurseries, domestic violence shelters, senior centers, and congregations for a variety of religious affiliations.

Diaper Bank Brochures

You can download and print these brochures about the Diaper Bank here. Our  Corporate Brochure  and Folleto en Español provide a wealth of information and history and the  School Brochure  has tips and ideas for how to get your school involved.