Going Green

The Diaper Bank on Going Green . . .

We at the Diaper Bank are conscious of the “Butt print” we are leaving, and we are open to suggestions. Here are a few facts to consider:

  • Often times, daycare facilities are resistant to accepting cloth diapers.
  • Moms who can’t afford diapers typically also can’t afford detergent, bus fare to get to the laundromat and then money for the laundromat (plus the time it takes to regularly wash cloth diapers).
  • For the poor, a cloth diaper costs much more upfront. In a pinch, a mom may choose to buy diapers at Circle K because all she has is $5.00; and that may only get her 10 diapers. She has just paid $0.50 per diaper instead of the $0.20 she would have paid had she been able to afford a $35 case at Costco.
  • Cloth diapers require more frequent changes than disposable and may not be well suited for daycare / busy environments.
  • Cloth diapers for Adults are becoming more available, but can be very expensive. The bigger issue is cloth diapers may not be suitable for reasons of dignity for adults (thickness under clothes) as well as other care related issues.

Green Diaper Donations

We will work with our partner agencies to place a new supply of reusable cloth diapers with a family who has both the interest and ability to use them.

We can also refer clients to “diaper services” if someone wants to pay for a 12 week service. This would include purchasing the cloth diapers required and the laundering service for 12 weeks.

If you want to donate disposable diapers & go green, we recommend Seventh Generation or WholeFoods brand diapers which are chlorine free.